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How to Wash Clothes

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Preparing for the Wash

Fabric Care Labels
Sorting out the Sorting
Declutter Your Laundry

After the Wash

How to Iron a Dress Shirt
Washing Machine Protection
How to Fold a T-Shirt


Fabric Care Labels
How to Iron a Dress Shirt
How to Wash Denim

Stain Removal

Mystery Stains? Presoaking can Help
deodorant stain
Deodorant Stains
Pet stain
Pet stains
Beauty Stains
Outdoor Stains
Blood stain
Blood Stain
Ink stain
Ink Stains
Oops! How’d That Get in the Wash?
Tough Stains
Grease stain
Grease Stains
Coffee stain
Coffee Stains
Wine stain
Red Wine Stains

Special Laundry Needs

College Laundry
How to Wash Down Coats and Bedding