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New and Improved Tide High Efficiency Powder Laundry Detergent. Now concentrated with even more stain fighting power packed into a smaller box, so you can use 1/3 less. 

Tide Laundry Detergent is the #1 stain-fighting regular powder detergent.


If you have a High Efficiency washer, we recommend using Tide High Efficiency. For usage instructions, see inside lid.


Ensuring the safety of our Tide® line of fabric care products is a responsibility that P&G takes very seriously. Before any product can appear on store shelves, it must be demonstrated safe to use as intended. But that is only the beginning of our journey. The Earth's resources are limited and valuable, and we have an obligation to future generations to use these resources wisely.


Q: How do I know which versions of Tide detergent are for my high efficiency(HE) washer?
A: We’ve recently changed the location of the “HE” symbol on Tide detergent for ease of navigation. The “HE (high efficiency)” is now communicated through a logo on the neck of the Tide bottle. In previous versions it is located near the bottom of the Tide bottle.

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45% Recommended

Heather R.


Tide He Powder Orginal Scent

Great laundry detergent that cleans clothes well.

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Houston Texas

Great HE

I am very satisfied with this product and it actually makes my money go further

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Savannah, Ga

Availability of He

I have a front loader washer and have to use He which works very well. The problem we have is the availability of He. Stores often don't carry it all the time and when it's on the shelves, their is often a limited supply. Is there another TIDE product that will operate as well? I.E. without excessive suds. He is a great product.

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Lincoln, NE

Do Not Like

I am totally disappointed in this product. I have used Tide for years. I have a soft water unit and I use more powder per load now than I ever did before. I am looking for a new wash detergent. SORRY...

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Tide Tide Team 05/24/2011

It is always nice to hear from a loyal Tide user. We would like to get more details from you about your experience. Please call us at 1-(800) 879-8433 with the product handy.

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suds error message

Just switched to this detergent. With the last 2 loads, I've had to unplug and reset machine due to 3 different error messages suggesting issues with too many suds and drain pump. I am questioning if it's related to the new formulation - "ultra". Will buy regular HE tomorrow.

Not Recommend Product


Tide Tide Team 05/24/2011

I'm sorry you’re noticing oversudsing and I’m sharing your comments with the rest of the team. For best results, be sure to measure the detergent using the lines on the cap, NOT the washing machine dispenser. If this does not help please contact us at the 800# on the package.

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My clothes have been washed in Tide only since I was an infant! I'm 45! I would never even consider washing any of my husband's or any of my 3 kids' clothes in anything else. Keep up the great work!

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Beaumont, TX

Errors/ Suds/ F02

I have Maytag HE washing machine. After this detergent, it started giving error. I wish TIDE can reimburse my money!!!

Not Recommend Product


Tide Consumer Care 06/13/2011

We'd like to help and learn more about your experience with Tide HE. Please give us a call at -(800) 879-8433. Thanks!