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Bring the cleaning power of Tide to your entire house. Tide OXI Multi-Purpose Stain Remover not only helps deliver a superior* clean in laundry when used with Tide liquid detergent, but it also cleans stains off multiple surfaces. *vs. leading in-wash booster


Tide Oxi Multi-Purpose Stain Remover can be used as an additive to provide a boost to a favorite detergent,
and can be mixed with water to make a cleaning solution for use almost anywhere around the home.

How it Works

With 225+ uses and counting, you can remove many different types of stains on soft or hard surfaces around your house—from upholstery and carpet to tile and grout. Tide OXI has so many uses in places like kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and more, it may just leave you wondering what it can’t clean

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How does Tide OXI differ from the leading oxi product?
When used with Tide liquid detergent, Tide OXI cleans better in the wash than the leading oxi competitor. This is because it contains a unique cleaning ingredient that activates a stronger, but color-safe, form of bleach that provides you with superior stain removal and whitening power!

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42% Recommended

Deidre J.


A Life Saver

The is a perfect addition to my laundry regime. I use it per load on my clothing; cotton, polyester, etc. Depending on the amount of clothing I am washing; small, medium, or large load, determines how much Tide OXI Multi-Purpose Stain Remover I use. It does not harm my fabrics either. I use it on my clothes because it gets my clothes clean (spills, etc.) and removes strong and mild odors. It is awesome on my toddles clothes that have heavy stains on them and my husbands sweaty work clothing. It is also mild enough on normal stains like egg yolks, juice, etc. I would definitely recommend Tide OXI Multi-Purpose Stain Remover!

Sarah R.


Cleans hard to remove stains on laundry and all around the house

Tide with Oxi Stain Remover is one of the most used products in my cleaning routine. I add a small scoop to most loads of laundry to remove stubborn stains (mustard, butter) and I mix a small scoop of the product with water to clean grout and tile in my bathroom.

Elaine R.


Tide Multi Purpose Oxy Stain Remover

I show you how to use Tide Multi Purpose Stain Remover on my carpet that had grease on it, it has been there for over a year. I was very impressed that i took it out, I almost didn't even try to clean it since I didn't think it would come out. I purchased the Tide with my own funds and these are my own opinions.

Lisa S.


I have loved using this Tide Oxi stain remover.

I love the Tide brand and love this Tide Oxi stain remover. It gives an awesome boost to my laundry to help fight stains and you can also mix the powder with some water as a pre-treater or surface cleaner. It is multi purpose and the container is so big, its lasts a long time.

Tonya S.


Great product, Great scent

Love this product and its multiple uses.

Megan S.


Tide OXI Multi-Purpose Stain Remover

This product worked well for my children's stained clothes. I put it in the wash, did a 30 minute soak, did the stain remover and steam option on my washer and the stains came out. My son's shirts are left looking bright , clean and still white. I also really like the box the product comes in, its much easier to get to the product. 5 stars!!!

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Great clean and smells good

I was surprised at how well this cleaned. When used in the laundry it makes my clothes more clean than before. And when I diluted it with water and added to a spray bottle was great at cleaning my outdoor furniture.

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I decided to buy tide oxi instead of oxiclean. It was a mistake. I have an eight month old daughter that recently started eating solids and her clothes and bibs get very messy. Typically I soak the soiled items in water with the solution. With oxiclean, one soaking and a run through through the laundry and the clothes would become clean. After doing the same thing with Tide oxi, the stains are still there.I have had good results with Tide detergent so I thought this purchase would be a good one. Sadly, I'll be going back to oxiclean.

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I saw a commercial for Tide Oxi. It stated you could clean upholstery. My furniture is Ashley microfiber and I knew I could trust a top name brand like Tide. I immediately found it at my neighborhood Target store. I cleaned the stains that were on my coach. It was so easy and it looks like new. I am extremely happy Tide Oxi really works! Used it in my laundry a stain that was on an article of clothing and set in a year ago. Was lifted out and completely gone with one use of Tide Oxi. This product is great and I am going to use other Tide products now.

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Does what it says

I used this product on everything the container said that it would clean. I cleaned high and low, and low and behold Tide Oxi stood the test. I cleaned sneakers and some other things as well. It worked so much better than the blue container.

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very dissatified with this product....just brought a used dining room suit with white seats and tried to clean the fabric on them and it was no/none improvement to it........going to take it back and get money back

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