The history of our convenient lives

The history of our convenient lives

Revolutionary innovations that make our lives simpler and more convenient? Since we all are multi-tasking women, and our days still consist of 24 hours, we need and always have needed smart innovations in our lives to save us time and nerves. Let’s take a good look at some of the great innovations that simplify the life of the modern woman day by day.

1910s The Modern Bra

Up until the creation of the bra, ’intimate apparel’ had consisted of heavily-boned, tight-laced corsets. The bra brought with itself a whole new attitude to women’s underwear. It was indeed now an item of intimate apparel. Mary Phelps Jacob had started the ball rolling. Innovations began to develop as women found their new freedom of movement very liberating. The bra today is as much a practical item as it is a fashion accessory.

1910s The Mascara

The invention of the modern mascara was in 1913 by a chemist named T. L. Williams - he created it for his sister. This early mascara was made from coal dust mixed with Vaseline petroleum jelly. The coming decades have proven that this innovation has a place in the vanity table drawer – so it evolved and took the form that we all know and use today. The little tube with a wand has helped women reach thicker, longer, fuller lashes ever since. Compact beauty that modern women can’t live without.

1920s The First Hair Dryer

The first hair dryer was the vacuum cleaner... Around the turn of the century, women dried their hair by connecting a hose to the airvent of their vacuum cleaners. The front of a vacuum cleaner sucked air in, the back blew air out, and the hose could be attached to either end.

In 1920, the first, two hand-held electric hair dryer came on the market, but it was extremely large and heavy, and frequently overheated. Since then, thousands of patents have been issued for different hair dryer designs, but a lot of them only tweak the outside packaging of the hairdryer so that it looks more aesthetically appealing to you. Aside from the addition of some safety and other features, the inside of a hair dryer hasn't changed that much over the years. How could a modern woman desiring perfect hair in just minutes live without it?

1920s The Trouser Suit

Coco Chanel revolutionised women's lives by simply introducing them to the joys of the trouser suit. This style revolution is unrivalled and made trousers not only acceptable but also a fashionable and casual choice for women.

1930s Instant coffee

A mind and body refreshing experience doesn’t have to be a long procedure that needs special preparation and lots of tools. The enjoyment of the taste and invigorating effects of a cup of coffee was first made easier in the thirties when the freeze-dried, granulated instant coffee was invented. The main advantage is the simplicity of preparation that leaves more time for the taste experience itself.

1950s The first disposable diaper

Frustrated by the thankless, repetitive task of changing her youngest child's soiled cloth diapers, Marion Donovan decided to craft a diaper cover to keep her baby dry. Donovan sat down at her sewing machine with a shower curtain and, after several attempts, she completed a waterproof diaper cover. Donovan received a patent in 1951. Thanks to her, modern mothers can now throw out their frustration over changing diapers into the bin, together with the soiled disposable diapers.

1970s The suitcase with rollers

Travelling has always been a great experience but the getting there… not always. Choosing what to take and what not to, then realising our suitcase is not big enough or it’s the perfect size but we cannot even take it out to the elevator on our own. Luckily, the seventies brought a solution for travelling women. Well, they haven’t invented the bottomless suitcase, but they have the rolling one. It doesn’t help you with the ‘What?’, but it certainly makes the ‘How?’ easier.

1980s The epilator

Nowadays, justification for this innovation seems almost unnecessary. But it wasn’t always the case. It was only in the 80’s when women started paying attention to these details due to the revealing fashion trends. The first epilator appeared in 1986 that incorporated a coil spring, which was rotating and caused the hairs to be caught up in the spring and pulled out. Since then technology has evolved and the aim slightly changed as well. We not only want silky-smooth skin, but we want it to stay for weeks. Because we just have better things to do than hair removing.

2012 - Tide®Pods

A 21st century innovation for a 21st century woman. We have so many things to do and doing laundry is just one of them. Though it is an important thing, why shouldn’t we take care of it in an easy, but efficient way? It’s pre-dosed, giving you stain removal, cleanliness and brightness. How convenient.