Tide Loads Of Hope - The places we've helped

The Places We’ve Helped

Fargo, ND
Red River Flood
Tide Loads of Hope was in Fargo, North Dakota to help clean up after some of the worst flooding the area has seen in decades. Residents and relief workers along the Red River have joined efforts, and as the area heals, we're here to provide free laundry services and deliver the clean clothes they need to get up each day and continue to make a difference.

Galveston, TX
Hurricane Ike
We were privileged to be among the first non-relief organizations granted access into Galveston after Hurricane Ike to offer assistance. By this time, a fleet of vans had been added to the 32 washers and dryers aboard the Tide Loads of Hope truck, enabling an additional service: the transportation of clothing to and from local laundromats.

Loads washed: 5,235
Families helped: 5,000
Service days: 21
Dates: September 2008

San Diego, CA
The San Diego County wildfires forced an estimated quarter-million people to flee their homes and destroyed nearly 200,000 acres of land in its path. With nowhere to go and often in situations with no electricity, Southern California residents came to the mobile laundromat for clean, fresh clothes—a small service that allowed them more time to band together and rehabilitate their communities.

Loads washed: 4,258
Families helped: 3,500
Service days: 30
Dates: November 2008

Baton Rouge, LA
Hurricane Gustav
Hurricane Gustav made landfall in an area already hit by Katrina three years earlier. And, just as Louisianans had shown before, the residents of Baton Rouge displayed mettle and stoicism. The clothes that aren’t ruined can often become dirty and dingy during the cleaning and rebuilding process—it was our pleasure to provide them with an easy means to get their clothes cleaned daily.

Loads washed: 1,088
Families helped: 800
Service days: 6
Dates: September 2008

New Orleans, LA
Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav
We have returned to New Orleans four times to help families still attempting to recover from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. In 2008 we returned for the fifth time to aid relief efforts after Hurricane Gustav. The spirit and resiliency of the people of New Orleans continues to shine through and provide inspiration for the Tide Loads of Hope program.

Loads washed: 13,871
Families helped: 10,950
Service days: 59
Dates: November 2005, November 2006, April 2007, December 2007 and September 2008

Waterloo, IA
For this effort, which the National Weather Service deemed a "historic hydrologic event,” we partnered with Feeding America to provide clean clothes and other essentials to residents in and around Black Hawk County who were hit hardest by the flood. Not ones to buckle, Iowans picked themselves up by the bootstraps, regardless of how soggy they may have been, and displayed a togetherness and commitment to get through the tough time.

Loads washed: 2,655
Families helped: 1,600
Service days: 12
Dates: June 2008
We’ve sent product donations to:
Marathon FL, Fire
Gowanda NY, Flood
Chattanooga TN, Flood
Liberty KY, Tornado
Lexington KY, Flood
Hanover WV, Flood

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