How to Upcycle Tide Bottles into a DIY Chandelier

    • Supplies
    • Rinse bottles.
    • Draw circle around top part of orange bottle.
    • Draw different sized circles on bottles.
    • Cut off top of orange bottle.
    • Cut out circles.
    rinse bottle and draw circles on bottles
    • Drill 8 holes around top.
    • Punch 1 hole on top and bottom of large & medium circles.
    • Punch hole on top of small circles.
    • Attach brass rings to chandelier base.
    • Connect first circles.
    Drill holes around the top
    • Connect next row of circles with brass fasteners.
    • Place chandelier on light fixture.
    Connect row of circles; place chandelier on light fixture

When product packaging contributes to our landfills, what's an eco friendly consumer to do? The good news is there are hundreds of ways you can reuse product packaging — especially Tide bottles — but only a few people know how to creatively upcycle their empty bottles.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of converting old or discarded material into something useful and beautiful.

Rather than just sending your used plastic containers to be recycled, you can creatively turn that bottle into something new and useful. Upcycling is both fun and good for the environment, which is why Tide created a content series that originally began on Vine and Pinterest to inspire and educate you about reusing old bottles and packaging. Here, you can see the different ways that you can repurpose used Tide products and packaging.

If you would like to find out more about how to upcycle and embrace green living in a fun and creative way, then you can watch all our videos and tutorials here on the Tide Keepsies page.