Check Out Tide's New Super Bowl Spot!

First there was Left Shark. Then there was Beyonce. And now? There’s Terry Bradshaw. And his giant stain.

That’s the beauty of the Super Bowl: It wouldn’t be the same without those moments that leave people buzzing—those meme-generating moments that arrive out of nowhere and easily manage to become the most talked about of the game. We’ve now seen both players and performers alike get upstaged by these little gifts from the Super Bowl gods.

So we asked ourselves how we could be a part of it? Is it possible to create one of these moments?

Enter NFL legend Terry Bradshaw.

The renowned quarterback and Hall of Famer is known for having one of the strongest arms in the game. He also happened to be serving as one of this year’s commentators. Everyone would be looking to Terry for his insight, his expertise—hanging on his every word...

That is, until a massive stain entered the picture, leaving him in a panic for a clean shirt and an immediate solution. After all, the bigger the stage, the bigger the stain. The world was watching.

Soon, we were all on a journey together—a parallel world filled with golf cart chases, unanticipated ladyfriends, Rob Gronkowski and ultimately Emmy Award winner Jeffrey Tambor stepping in to save the day. Who would have guessed that the only one not watching the game would be the one to steer it back on track? Well, with a little help from the other unspoken hero of the night: Tide PODS® + Downy.

Tide PODS® + Downy laundry detergent pacs offer the Tide clean you love, now with Downy Fabric Protect. They're the ultimate 4-in-1 for cleaning, brightening, fighting stains and protecting your clothes with every wash.

In the end, while only one team can take the top honors, we’re all feeling a little taste of victory. After all, for America’s biggest stain, it’s gotta be America’s #1 detergent.

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