Tide x NFL

When stains and odors pile up, it’s got to be Tide.

Life gets busy and laundry piles up. But with the #1 stain fighter and odor remover, there’s no pile you can’t handle.

America’s #1 detergent for a reason

Box 1

Nothing cleans better

With 3x the cleaning power, stains and odors don’t stand a chance against Tide.

Box 2

More bang for your buck

A little bit goes a long way. A more concentrated clean means a bottle of Tide lasts much longer than the bargain detergent.

Box 3

Clean you can count on

With Tide there’s no pretreating or rewashing needed, so you can be sure your clothes are clean after just one wash.

Dirty tshirt

Tide can tackle any pile

Clean tshirt
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