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Powerful liquid detergent and odor eliminating agents combine to give you an amazing clean. Dual chamber canister keeps formulas separate so activation occurs in your wash.

Safe on virtually all fabrics that are machine washable, including:

  • Everyday clothing
  • Musty towels
  • Sweaty athletic wear
  • Washable smelly pet items
  • Washable smelly sports gear
  • Any washable smelly clothing

Tide One Wash Miracle - Deep Cleaning & Odor Elimination



1. Remove label and cap
2. Toss entire canister into the washer, or pour entire contents into the washer
3. Add clothes
4. Please recycle the empty canister after the wash

Continue using Tide One Wash Miracle to avoid the same odor issue from happening again!

Dosage instructions for Tide One Wash Miracle


What’s in One Wash Miracle?
Tide One Wash Miracle is composed of two separate liquids. The first liquid is compacted laundry detergent (blue liquid), and the second consists of brand-new odor eliminating agents (white liquid).

What makes One Wash Miracle different than other laundry detergents on the market?
- Dual liquid products - one liquid is an odor-eliminating agent, and the other liquid is a powerful liquid detergent- Pre-measured dosage ensures you get the right amount of active ingredients in each wash

This odor-eliminating agent is now available for the first time in retail laundry products in the US. Because the formula is not strictly compatible with regular detergents, we use a unique canister that features separate compartments. Simply toss the bottle into the drum, and then wash your garments or towels.

When should I use Tide One Wash Miracle?
We recommend using Tide One Wash Miracle whenever you have washable and stinky fabrics, and use it regularly to ensure fabrics stay fresh

How do I use the product?
Please use it as a replacement of your normal detergent, and follow your garments' care label instructions for washing temperature.

Please follow usage instructions.

  1. Remove shrink label and cap
  2. Toss canister into washer, or pour all contents into washer drum
  3. Add laundry
  4. Please recycle the empty canister after the wash

Can I use One Wash Miracle for every wash, or just once in a while?
If you want to avoid unpleasant odors from recurring, we recommend using Tide One Wash Miracle every time you wash, or frequently to avoid odor molecules from getting trapped in the garment fibers.

Can I use One Wash Miracle in cold water?
Yes, One Wash Miracle works great in cold water, as well. However, for better results, we suggest using it in hot water, as long as it is allowed, and based on the care label on the garment(s) you are washing.

Do I throw the canister in the washer?
We recommend tossing the entire canister into the washer, after removing label and cap, to ensure the full amount of product is used in the wash. If you don't want to toss the canister into the drum, we recommend pouring the contents into the drum instead of the detergent drawer. Please remove the canister after washing and before drying.

What type of garments can it be used on? Are there any fabric types to avoid?
You can use Tide One Wash Miracle for any fabrics that you wash with regular detergent. Follow your garments' care label instructions. However, please avoid washing delicate clothes that require special handling, including hand wash.

Will it damage my clothes?
Tide One Wash Miracle is safe on virtually all garments, if used as intended. Follow your garments' care label instructions.

Can I use it on colored clothes or whites?
Tide One Wash Miracle is safe on virtually all garments. Read and follow the items' care label instructions. For any garments of concern, test inside seam for colorfastness. However, we recommend drying garments/towels as soon as washing is done. Keeping colored garments/towels wet after wash occasionally causes dye color bleeding for some fabric dyes, regardless of Tide One Wash Miracle use.

What does One Wash Miracle smell like? Is it scented?
Tide One Wash Miracle is lightly scented in the Tide Fresh Coral Blast scent that our consumers love! If you are interested in any other scents, please let us know!

Can I use scented beads in a load with One Wash Miracle?
The odor-eliminating agent in Tide One Wash Miracle can break down not only the bad odor molecules, but also any perfume molecules in the scent beads. If you want to add scents, we recommend using Downy liquid fabric softener or Bounce dryer sheets with Tide One Wash Miracle.

Where can I buy One Wash Miracle?
Tide One Wash Miracle is only sold online here (www.tideonewashmiracle), and is not available anywhere else.

Can I use this in my washing machine (front-load, top-load or HE)?
Tide One Wash Miracle can be used with any type of washing machine, including front-load, top-load, and HE machines. Simply remove the cap and label, and then toss the entire canister or pour the contents directly in to the washer before adding your laundry.

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