Welcome to Gronk’s Cleaners

Little known fact about Patriots star Rob Gronkowski? When he’s not on the field, he’s behind the counter. His counter. (Or at least Tide dares to imagine.)

Welcome to Gronk’s Cleaners.

Sports fans are about to get acquainted with a whole other side of the New England superstar. Ringing in the year’s approaching Super Bowl LI season, Tide’s new series of teasers shines a light on our hero’s lesser known entrepreneurial side, inviting them to witness his new business venture and...well, unorthodox spot treatment methods firsthand. Though this Patriot may be revered as one of the best tight ends to play the game, behind Gronk’s counter it’s a slightly different story.

Along for the ride? Unsuspecting Emmy Winner Jeffrey Tambor who wants nothing more than a clean shirt. Rather than tackle stains the old-fashioned way however, Gronk has his own means of conquering jelly, soy sauce and other spills: hacking them off (but not without pausing to taste test them first, naturally). Luckily for the rest of us, there’s a better way to save the day: Tide PODS® + Downy.

There’s a better way tune in Super Bowl Sunday

Whether you’re playing football or watching it, your devotion to the game is written all over your jersey—in mud splotches and even spinach dip. If you’re not getting dirty, you’re just not doing it right. Queso might hit hard, but with the cleaning power of Tide and Downy Fabric Protect, you, ladies and gentleman, you can hit harder.

Infused with 3-chambered pac technology, Tide PODS® + Downy are the first unit dose detergent in North America to clean and condition clothes during your wash cycle, all while leaving them Downy fresh. For more details, click here

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