Styling tips right from the stylist

Styling tips right from the stylist

Here’s your appointment with your very own stylist. Discuss the basics and a few DIY tips to uplift your wardrobe in style.


Your old, maybe even boring jeans can be re-designed at home. Cut the legs shorter and wear it as a capri or decorate the back pocket with some stick-on rivets.

Jeans jacket:

A jacket made out of jeans is a great item to get creative with. Put loads of badges on for a hippie look, or cut off the collar to make your pretty necklaces more visible.

T-shirt:A T-shirt is a basic garment of our closets, every woman has piles of colorful Tees. This seasons' hottest design is the striped one.

The perfectly cut blouse can be the most useful item in your wardrobe. With the perfect combination you can wear it to work, with jeans it's great for lesure time and with great accessories it is also a going out outfit.

Canvas jacket:
This item came to our wardrobe from the mens' so it is most useful to combine it with feminin items. Unless you like the more manly look, in which case wear it with tight or casual trousers, and flat shoes.

It is a common misconception that cardigans are only for the elder. A thick, knit cardigan is perfect for colder autumn evenings, whereas the yarn version is a very elegant choice.

Casual dress:
Dresses are usually for the summer but you don't have to eliminate them once the colder weather starts. Combined with a trench coat and a woolen scarf it is great for the early autumn.

You may own a light or a dark colored costume with either a skirt or trousers, with this item the devil is in the accesories. Add a scarf, and you can have a more playful image, with a blouse a more classic one, and combined with a silk top you can make a more provocative impression.

There are many styles. This season’s favorite is clearly the v-neck. It makes your de’collete’ thrilling.

This is a basic must have for every woman. The high waist, loose cut one is as trendy as the skinny version this year.

Who said that shorts are sporty and exclusively for the summer? Wear it with knit tights, boots, baize coat and enjoy your favorite even in autumn.

Silk dress:
A well-chosen silk dress is a choice for life. Pretty red heads should go for emerald green, black haired girls should choose white, blonds should get pastel and we suggest earth colors for brunettes.

The days of the miniskirts are over. Knee skirts rule. Don’t forget: eighties style is in.

Trench coat:
When the rainy days arrive, you have to take the trench. Change the belt of your beige coat for a colorful scarf.

A turtleneck has many faces. It’s young and trendy with jeans, it’s elegant with a jacket, and it’s cool with a short coat.

Your vest will never ever go out of style. Since the hippies you can wear it with flare jeans, blouse, T-shirt or go for a dress with fancy pattern.

All stylists agree: there is no style without clean and fresh garments. Take care of them with Tide®+Touch of Downy liquid laundry detergent to look your best, and feel fresh all day, because a lot depends on your confidence.