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The Tide Plus Collection gives you the amazing clean of Tide plus more of the added benefits you love. Tide Coldwater Clean is formulated with special ingredients and is designed to enable a powerful clean in cold water. It also helps save energy and money by eliminating the need to wash in warm water. Save up to 50% on your energy bills by switching loads from warm to cold. Great savings and great stain removal with Tide Coldwater Clean. Now, that’s cool.


Measure with cap. For large loads, fill to line 2. For medium loads, fill to line 1. Use more for heavily soiled loads. Add clothes, pour into dispenser, start washer.


Ensuring the safety of our Tide® line of fabric care products is a responsibility that P&G takes very seriously. Before any product can appear on store shelves, it must be demonstrated safe to use as intended. But that is only the beginning of our journey. The Earth's resources are limited and valuable, and we have an obligation to future generations to use these resources wisely.


Q: Is to OK to use laundry detergent in cold water?
A: You can use our detergents with cold water, but warm or hot water provides the best cleaning results. If you wash with cold water, we suggest you use Tide Coldwater. Tide Coldwater can clean effectively in water as cold as 40°F (4°C). If the water in your washing machine is colder than this, add a bit of warm water to bring the temperature to that level. If you use another detergent, the water should be at least 60°F (16°C). If the water in your washing machine is colder than this, add a bit of warm water. We recommend you only use a cold wash for items that specify this on the care label.

Q: Is this product good for whites as well as colors?
A: Yes, Tide Coldwater Clean can be used with both whites and colors; however, as with traditional laundry, sorting by color is highly recommended prior to cleaning, as some garments may bleed even in cold water conditions.

Q: Can I use this product on my delicates?
A: Yes, Tide Coldwater Clean can be used on any garments that are considered machine washable. Some garments can be more susceptible to color loss and bleeding, and as with all detergents, it is recommended that a small hidden area of the garment be tested for colorfastness if there is concern.
Q: What happens if I use warm water by mistake?
A: Tide Coldwater Clean can also be used in warm and hot water washes.

Q: Do I need to dilute Tide Coldwater Clean before I use it?
A: No, you do not need to dilute Tide Coldwater Clean prior to use. Simply follow the usage instructions on the packaging and fill the cap of Tide Coldwater Clean to the appropriate line and pour it.

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Cynthia B.


Tide Fresh Scent Cold Water liquid laundry detergent

I've been using the Tide Cold Water laundry detergent for a few months now and I really love the way it gets my white laundry clean using cold water. I like the fact that I don't have to use as much energy to wash my white laundry. For example, I would usually use hot water that would cause me to use more energy by heating hot water in order to clean my laundry. But now with Tide Cold Water laundry detergent I only use cold water that doesn't require they use of my hot water tank. And my laundry gets as clean. And it also saves me money in the long run.

Ann L.


Tide is reliable

I am not usually brand loyal, as I love to try new things, but Tide is one thing I always splurge and spend the extra money on because it gets my clothes clean and fresh, and is gentle on my sensitive skin

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lincolnwood il

great product

I love tide cold water it makes my laundry clean and takes out tough stains and smells great!

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this works the best I've been using for 17 years and my parent's been using for 40 years

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Love the Mountain Spring!!

PLEASE bring back the Downy Mountain Spring dryer sheets so my laundry "smell" will match again!!!! I do not like either of the two scents now available, April Fresh or the Clean Breeze, if I remember those two correctly. Again, MOUNTAIN SPRING DOWNY SHEETS, please return to our store shelves!!!

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Springfield, VA
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Turned our whites purple!

Last week my wife and I did a load of whites and noticed purple splotches all over our white clothing. We were totally perplexed as to what had happened since we couldn't find the culprit colored item. We were upset but figured it was an anomaly. This morning we took another load of whites out of the washer and realized there were purple splotches all over them as well! We had only pure white shirts in there so we're sure it's not due to transfer. Both my wife and I have been using only Tide brands since we were little kids so this was completely unexpected. We've been trying to find a solution online and so far nothing has helped. We're soaking the clothes in the tub overnight with another product in hopes of at least salvaging this load of clothes but we're just so disappointed that another load has been ruined! :(

Not Recommend Product


Tide Response From Tide 03/31/2015

We’re really sorry this has been your experience with our detergent. Since our detergents are water soluble usually rewashing the items removes any stains. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we’d like to make this right. Please give us a call at 1-855-236-3353 and we can help further. Lisa Tide Team

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new jersy

This Product is exactly what I needed!

This Product is exactly what I needed! This Product is exactly what I needed! This Product is exactly what I needed!

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Tide Response From Tide 06/25/2015

We're glad you found exactly what you need in Tide Coldwater Clean, Srij! If you should have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-855-236-3353, and one of our representatives would be more than happy to help you.

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