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Helps remove 99% of everyday stains!

NEW! Tide Ultra Stain Release Liquid Laundry Detergent is supercharged with specially formulated ingredients to help remove 99% of everyday stains*, including greasy food stains. It also boasts the innovative
“Zap! Cap,” a unique pretreat cap with scrubbing bristles to provide a deep-down, pre-treat option. The cap features two textures; bristles for deep down scrubbing and a flatter portion to spread the detergent around. Put Zap! Cap to work for you with Tide Ultra Stain Release laundry detergent – even the cap fights stains.

If you have an HE washer, look for your Tide with the HE logo on the bottle.

*vs. Tide Original


How to use: Remove the orange measuring cap on top of bottle.

For use in Standard Machines: For normal loads, remove measuring cap and fill to the fill line. For heavily soiled and/or large loads, fill to the top of the cap. Allow your machine to fill with water and then add this product to your machine along with your detergent, before adding clothes.

For use in High Efficiency Machines: Follow the directions above, add to your machine, along with your HE detergent, in the dispenser.

If your machine has a Pre-wash dispenser, add to your Pre-wash dispenser.

To use as a Pretreater, pour directly onto the stain, rub gently, then wash as instructed.

To replace cap: Replace the orange measuring cap on top of the bottle by turning until tightened.


Ensuring the safety of our Tide® line of fabric care products is a responsibility that P&G takes very seriously. Before any product can appear on store shelves, it must be demonstrated safe to use as intended. But that is only the beginning of our journey. The Earth's resources are limited and valuable, and we have an obligation to future generations to use these resources wisely.


Q: What is the difference between liquid laundry detergent and powder?
A: Both types of laundry detergent provide excellent cleaning results. In general, powders work better on clay and mud. Liquids work better on greasy, oily marks. Liquids can be used to pretreat stains, by pouring a little directly on the stain and rubbing lightly.

Q: What makes Tide Ultra Stain Release special?
A: Our Tide Ultra Stain Release formula gives you the powerful clean of Tide and is designed to help remove even the toughest stains, especially food-related grease stains. With the Zap! Cap, Tide Ultra Stain Release is charged to fight stains.

Q: Is Tide Ultra Stain Release HE compatible with my standard washer?
A: Yes, Tide Ultra Stain Release is available in two formulations: HE and standard. We recommend only using Tide Ultra Stain Release HE with high efficiency washers.

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Waynesboro, PA

Works Well Very Light Scent

We like using Tide laundry detergent but always use Free and Gentle. Our Family doesn't like heavy scented smells. This Tide has a very light fresh smell that our family doesn't seem to mind. Thank You Tide.

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Was expecting more....

I have used Tide products for 30+ years and have always been very pleased. Until now....the new Stain Release Detergent did not perform as expected. I have two active sons who never stay clean for very long. Relatively "new stains", less than 24 hours old, did not come out the first time, even with pre-treating. Clothes were washed three times before I achieved an "acceptable" level of clean. I will go back to my original Tide.

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San Ramon,CA

does not remove stains

My 2yrs old son ate the mango custard bread and it got to the front of his t-shirt. I immediately remove his shirt and treated it with Ultra Stain Release liquid and i poured it to the shirt and use the scrubber cup to scrubbed it and let it soaked for 2 hrs and the stain didn't come out so I used the bleach alternative tide liquid and pour on to the shirt and let it soak over night. However the stain still there. The mango yellow custard still there. I washed it with the rest of my clothes with the ultra stain release liquid detergent in the washing machine. The stain still there. I used to use regular tide but i went to Target and saw these two new liquid detergent and want to give it a try. I know my 2 yrs old always made a mess on his clothes so i want to use these two products but it didn't treat this stain and also crayon marks. I know if I used the Clorox bleach dipped it with qtip it will work but it just time consuming because part of the shirt is white and has other colors to it so i need to treat it area at a time. I hope there will be another Tide product can get rid of the food stains in the future.

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Lancaster, CA

amazing removed latex paint

I poured Tide Ultra Stain Release on a pair of Levis covered in dried white latex paint, (these were not laundered yet). I let it soak for about a week in a bucket of water and used a wire brush on the legs and all the paint came off easily. I was truly amazed, as my son thought his favorite pants they were ruined. Great product!

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I bought this tide hoping that it would get the different stains out of my family's clothes. My daughter had spilled chocolate milk on a new shirt that I bought her. I took her to school and left the shirt on her cause I would be late for work. She came home and threw it in the dirty clothes and I had forgot all about it. When I finally washed this shirt (two weeks later), I just threw it in the washer with the stain release which the stain did not come out. Then I pour some of the stain release detergent and used the scrubby and wash it again. I was amazed that the stain actually came out. I thought that I should have done that the first time but as I said I forgot all about it at first.

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Not so Hot

I have an HE washer. I bought the HE version of the New Tide Ultra Stain Release. I was very disappointed. Not only did it not clean as well as the Tide Original Liquid that I am accustomed to, but it didn't smell good either. The New Ultra Stain release has a funky odor that transferred to my clothes. I'm sticking with the regular Tide liquid. I hope the regular isn't discontinued to be replaced by this stuff. It would be an act of regressing modern day progress.

Not Recommend Product