How To Use Tide evo

Tide evo is a new water activated laundry detergent tile that provides a concentrated clean with zero fillers, zero extra water, and zero plastic bottles that powers stains out right from the start.

How To Use

  1. Chose your tile based on load size.

    • Use 1 tile for small or medium loads.

    • Use two tiles for large loads.

  2. Place dose(s) in the bottom of the empty washing machine drum.

    • Turn to cold in every load to save money and energy.

  3. Load in your clothes; dirty greasy, stinky, or stained

How to Use Tide evo


Tide evo is a brand-new laundry product made using a new to the world patented process. This process combines cleaning surfactants and turns them into a fiber layered material. These cleaning fibers dissolve instantly upon contact with water.

Tide evo and Tide PODS are both part of the Tide family, however, Tide evo comes in a dry laundry tile form whereas Tide PODS come in a capsule with liquid chambers.

Simply place tile(s) of Tide evo into the bottom of your washing machine’s empty drum whether it be a front loader or top loader. Use one tile for small/medium loads or two tiles for larger/extra-large loads. Add your laundry, select your preferred wash program, and use the temperature setting indicated on the fabric care label of your garments. Close the package after use and keep out of reach of children.

Yes! Tide evo is made from cleaning fibers that dissolve instantly upon contact with water. Tide evo is suitable in all wash temperatures.

You can use Tide evo for any fabrics that you wash with detergent. Follow the care label instructions on your garments.

Yes! Add the amount of scented beads and/or fabric softener you would typically use in your washes

Yes! Tide evo’s packaging is recyclable. Once the Tide evo box is empty, simply toss it in your recycle bin.