Reimagine laundry at every step

The laundry of tomorrow demands a holistic way of thinking.

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Reimagine laundry at every step

Product design

Sustainability in mind at the very start

When our product innovations are just ideas, we design with the promise that quality products should be safe for both your family and the environment, without sacrificing the performance you expect.

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Product Design

Doing more with less

Our concentrated Tide formulas gives you more active ingredients per dose in a smaller package without sacrificing cleaning power. Concentrated detergents like Tide PODS can deliver the same number of loads in smaller, lighter package sizes.


We continue to iterate on our existing products as well as creating new-to-market innovations that use less water, so that you can get the clean you have come to expect from Tide while reducing water consumption with every wash.

One concentrated Tide PODS® capsule to deliver the same number of loads in smaller, lighter package sizes

Zero manufacturing waste to landfill

Tide has committed to maintaining zero-manufacturing-waste-to-landfill, even as the brand continues to grow. We’re also committing to use 100% renewable electricity at plants and investing in carbon capture.


*In United States and Canada

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Less plastic, better plastic.

Tide bottles are fully recyclable, and today we use 25% post-consumer recycled plastic to create them. Looking forward, we are committed to cutting our virgin plastic use in half across all our products.

A hand holding a Tide Original liquid laundry detergent bottle

Smarter packaging

Tide Eco-Box delivers the same great Tide clean you love but with 75% less plastic* compared to traditional brand bottles. We are working to expand this approach across our products.


*105 oz Ecobox v 3 x 46 oz bottles

Tide Eco-Box smarter packaging, color orange
Consumer use

We can’t do it alone

Did you know that 90% of the energy used in laundry comes from heating water? That’s why we’ve worked hard over the last two decades to develop a superior clean in energy-saving cold water. Today, we’re proud to say that Tide cleans better in cold than the bargain brand in hot*.


*Tide Power PODS in cold v. leading baking soda 2-in-1 pac in hot


But we need your help to make positive impact. When it comes to laundry, the small decisions you make can make the biggest difference.

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Reuse, Recycle

Packaging that is as good as what is on the inside

We are working to test new packaging solutions aimed at accelerating our progress to reduce our overall environmental impact. Our goal is to cut the use of virgin plastic by half and use 100% recyclable packaging for all products by 2030.

Packaging that’s as good as what’s on the inside
Reuse, Recycle

Making recycling simple

We know that recycling household products is not always easy. Our partnership with TerraCycle allows for consumers to send back packaging materials not commonly accepted through curbside programs. This way, participation is completely free and easy.

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