Soot stains on a white apron

How to Remove Soot Stains

You don't have to be a chimney sweep in Victorian London to get soot stains on your clothes.

Although you might not have a magical maid to whip your laundry into shape, Tide can clean up your clothes and help you get rid of soot stains easily. Read on to learn what type of detergent to use as an effective soot remover when ashes leave their marks, as well as how to pre-treat and how to handle soot stains on dry-clean-only garments.

Things to Remember When Dealing with Soot Stains on Clothes:

  • Don't forget to shake off as much of the excess soot as you can before getting started.

  • If you're dealing with soot stains on a dry-clean-only garment, shake first, and then have the item professionally dry cleaned as soon as possible.

Effective Stain Removal on a Variety of Stains

There is no need to fear enjoying life outdoors. Sure, things can get messy with soot stains or other outdoor stains like rust, dirt stains, and mud stains, but the good news is, Tide can help you remove the toughest stains from your favorites, so you don’t need to worry.

So, get some fresh air to clear your head, and let Tide clean your clothes.