Spaghetti sauce stains on a white sheet

How to Remove Spaghetti Sauce Stains

Going to your Italian grandmother’s house for dinner? Those 6 plates of spaghetti won’t all make it to your mouth.

These simple tips from Tide will help get rid of the spaghetti sauce stains that inevitably make their way to your clothes.

How to Remove Spaghetti Sauce Stains in 6 Steps

Step 1

Remove Excess:

Brush off excess stain and run cold water through the back of the stain.

A person brushing off excess from white garment
Step 2


Apply Tide Ultra Stain Release Liquid directly onto the spaghetti sauce stain, and rub the fabric together gently or use a soft-bristled toothbrush to work the detergent into the fibers of the garment. Let the detergent sit for 5 minutes.

Step 3


Use the cap to ensure you use the right amount of detergent, and pour it into the detergent dispenser if you have an HE machine, or directly into the drum before loading the clothes if you have a non-HE machine.

Step 4


Without rinsing off the detergent, place the garment into the washer with other items. Leaving the detergent on the stain will give your wash that extra boost of cleaning power.

A person loading white clothes into the washing machine drum
Step 5


Wash on the usual cycle, on warm. Always check the instructions on the garment’s care label.

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Step 6


When the cycle is complete, unload the garments immediately.

If the stain persists after washing, repeat the previous steps before tossing in the dryer, as drying will set the stain.

A laundry basket full of neatly folded, colored gaments