Lace bras on a bed

How to Wash Bras Without Ruining Them

Bras and other delicates are the most intimate garments women own and provide the foundation for every outfit choice.

So it's important they look and feel their best so that you can look and feel your best, both inside and out. Knowing how to properly wash your delicates, especially lingerie, will help extend their lifespan and save you time.

Did you know that for most delicate bras and lingerie, hand washing is not your only option? Check the care label first, but many bras are machine washable.

All you need is a lingerie bag! If placed in the machine freely, bras and undergarments with lace details and trims can start to fray and unravel due to friction against other garments in the wash. They can get tangled, stretch out, and the elastic elements can start to break down, so your former favorite bra can be left feeling loose and ill fitting.

A laundry bag for bras solves this problem by keeping your bras separate and reducing damaging friction in the wash. How often to wash bras depends on you, but with a dedicated bra bag for washing machine cleaning, you can keep yours in tip-top shape.

Use the Right Detergent

Don't forget to use the right detergent for your delicates. Tide is safe for use with all washable fabrics, including delicates, so you can keep them looking their best for longer.

After you've washed with the best detergent, you'll need to know how to dry bras effectively to preserve their best qualities. The best thing you can do for bra care is to allow them to air dry, either flat or by hanging. Tumble drying will cause the same damaging friction as washing without a washing bag for delicates. Drying bras flat or by hanging is the best way to maintain their shape.

Effective Cleaning Power for a Variety of Garments

It's not only your bras that need special attention in the wash. Tide is here to help with advice on washing lingerie and other delicate items like silks, lace, and even sheepskin boots. Find out more about washing bras and other fragile garments here.