Introducing Tide Cleaners!

Laundry is something we all have to do, but most of us don’t enjoy it. Lucky for you, Tide has a hassle-free solution to get your clothes clean and looking great. Providing personalized washing, dry cleaning, repair, and alterations, Tide Cleaners is here to make your dreams of a perfect, effortless clean a reality.

Tide Cleaners is the convenient, on-demand laundry service that saves you time and energy. Focus on the important things, like eating out with friends or going for a sweaty workout, while knowing your clothes are in the right hands. Easy to use with an intuitive app and hundreds of locations across the US, Tide Cleaners uses an eco-friendly cleaning process, from the premium-quality detergents right down to the environmentally safe laundry bags that you get after the first use.

The future of laundry care, brought to you by America’s #1 trusted laundry brand

How to Use Tide Cleaners

Thanks to Tide’s drop-off laundry service, there’s now a convenient way to get your clothes cleaned on demand so you can get back to enjoying life. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1

A pictogram of a smartphone with the download icon in the middle

Download app

Download the Tide Cleaners app from your app store (Google Play, Apple App Store), and create your account. After you’re done, go to your nearest Tide locker with your dry cleaning or laundry. The list of cities where our service is available is below.

Step 2

A pictogram of a hand pushing a button indicating how to place an order

Place order

At the locker, find an unlocked locker, and place your items in a slot using a disposable bag. Lock the door by choosing any 4-digit code, and then turn the knob. Open the Tide Cleaners app, select your order type, and enter your locker number (i.e., “593”).

Step 3

A pictogram of a bell indicating your clothes are ready to be picked up

Pick up

When your clothes are ready, we’ll notify you by text and e-mail. Drop by anytime, 24/7, find your locker number, enter the security code we sent you, and grab your garments.

Price & Locations

As of now, Tide Cleaners lockers are available in Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, Washington D.C., Boston, Cincinnati, Dallas, Nashville and Charlotte, but we’re working hard on getting Tide Cleaners to even more places. Understand that prices, turnaround, and cutoff times vary between locations. Check the map for the list of all Tide Cleaners laundry services near you.

Any more questions? Then head to the official Tide Cleaners site!

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