Tide Plus Ultra Oxi Laundry Booster

All-in-one laundry booster that works with detergent.

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Tide Plus Ultra Oxi Laundry Booster

  • All-in-one laundry booster

  • 2X stain fighting ingredients*

  • Color Safe Whitening

  • Helps remove tough odors from your laundry

  • Use with your favorite detergent


3X whitening ingredients

Get brighter whites and more freshness by boosting your laundry detergent with Tide Ultra Oxi Whitening Boost—an all-in-one laundry booster designed to release stubborn stains from clothes with 2x the stain-fighting ingredients*. This detergent incorporates 3x whitening ingredients** going above and beyond fighting stains, giving your laundry a new life of bright, revitalized whitening. Say goodbye to tough odors and keep your laundry looking bright and fresh with Tide Ultra Oxi Whitening Boost. Combine it with your favorite detergent to get even more of the powerful clean you know and love from America's #1 most trusted brand***.

*vs the leading oxi laundry booster, based on type of ingredients

**Vs the leading Oxi Laundry Booster

***Voted most trusted laundry brand by American shoppers based on the 2023 Brandspark American Trust Study


Step 1: Use your normal detergent

Step 2: Add Tide Plus Ultra Oxi Whitening Boost

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