Find Out Everything You Need to Know about Your Detergent

Even the most experienced washers sometimes need tips for better laundry, so here are Tide's top laundry tips for experts. Soon all your loads will be perfectly clean, bright and stain free.

On the battlefield of stain removal, it's important to know the weapons at your disposal. Here you can familiarize yourself with the Tide products you can use in your quest for cleaner clothes!


Not all laundry detergents are the same! Detergents and laundry soaps are made up of many special ingredients - some, like Tide, have more of the best ingredients.

1. Identifying the Right Detergent

You need only look at the contents of your laundry to pick the right one for the job:

2. Which Form of Detergent should I Use?


Easy and convenient to use. These detergent pacs don't contain oxygen bleach and are great for washing colored loads. Tide PODS® should be placed on the bottom of the drum with the wash load on top. Great for greasy stains - for example, oils, makeup etc.


Liquid detergents dissolve particularly quickly. They are great for pre-treating stains directly, especially useful for those most difficult to remove. Great for greasy stains - for example, oils, makeup etc.


Once the main type of laundry detergent, powder detergent has become less popular over the years with the introduction of liquid and pacs. However, it still offers a deep clean down into the fibers of your favorites and helps prevent stains from setting in. Use powder laundry detergent to keep your whites bright and your colors radiant, even on a cold temperature setting.

Free & Gentle Detergent:

Free of any dyes or perfumes, Tide Free & Gentle is dermatologically tested to be gentle on your skin while still giving that Tide clean. Perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.