Unleash the Power of Tide, Even In the Quick Wash

You may turn to the normal laundry cycle out of habit, but did you know you can unleash the power of Tide PODS® to deliver a great clean, even in the quick wash cycle? So, what is quick wash?

Keep reading to find out and also get the answers to other common questions like “how long is a quick wash cycle,” and “does quick wash use less water?” The answers may pleasantly surprise you!

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Save More Than Just Time with Quick Wash

The benefits of the quick wash go beyond its time-saving capacity. With quick wash and Tide PODS®, you can tackle the toughest laundry loads under the most challenging conditions fast, so you can spend time on more important things. Not only does this cycle wash clothes fast, but you’ll also save water thanks to the shorter running time. Plus, when you pair the quick cycle with a cold wash temperature, you’ll use five times less energy versus the average normal cycle on a warm setting!

Is it good for your clothes? It sure is! Thanks to the shorter running time, a quick wash also helps your clothes look newer for longer.

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Quick Wash and When to Use It

So just how long is a quick wash cycle? That depends on your brand of washing machine, but in general, a quick wash gets the job done in about half the time of a normal cycle, and it can run around 15 minutes to just under an hour.

And, if you’re unsure what is best for your items, make sure to check those fabric care labels. The care label will tell you everything you need to know about the wash temperature and spin speed, so you can enjoy fresh, clean clothes before you know it.

Quick Wash and When to Use It

How Quick Wash Works with Tide PODS®

You can trust your quick wash cycle, when used with Tide PODS®, to deliver great results in less time. Tide PODS® cleans even the toughest loads in the quick wash cycle. These little laundry pacs provide detergent, stain removers, and color protectors, and activate quickly in any water temperature. Their multi-chamber design keeps these key ingredients separate until they dissolve, and Smart Suds™ technology ensures perfect end results without the extra rinse cycles necessary in longer wash cycles.

Because Tide PODS® are concentrated, each dose is packed with active ingredients, meaning they can get to work fast during your quick wash cycle. So, whether your machine is high efficiency or regular, you can be sure your fast cycle will get the job done well the first time with Tide PODS®.

See how Tide PODS® work in the quick cycle:

*Stain removal of 1 dose of Tide PODS® in the Quick cycle vs. 10 doses of the leading bargain liquid detergent brand in the Normal cycle.