A person selecting the wash cycle on a washing machine

How to Make a Smelly Washing Machine Fresh Again

No one likes a smelly washing machine. It leaves you with an unpleasant odor and can actually make your clothes smell bad, too.

Have you ever washed a load expecting that clean, fresh feeling only to be greeted with stale-smelling clothes? This could be because you left your clothes in the washing machine for too long after washing, but it could also be because of lingering odors in your washer. The former is easy to prevent. Simply remove clothes as soon as the cycle finished.

For a smelly machine, the good news is, it’s very simple to deal with washing machine odors and bring back that freshness to your washer. You don’t need to buy a new machine or call a plumber – a few simple tricks can refresh your smelly washer.

Clean clothes start with a clean washer, so take care of your machine with a few simple steps.

Tips to Keep Your Washer Clean

In addition to using a washing machine cleaner, keep those washing machine smells at bay with a few maintenance tips:

  • Give your washer a wipe down each month with soapy water. Make sure you clean the inside of the drum as well!

  • Leave the door and the dispenser drawer slightly open when not in use.

  • Remove your clothes as soon as the cycle has finished. Don’t let them sit in the drum!