What if every load of Tide laundry could do a load of good?

What if every Tide load of laundry did a load of good?

We do a ton of laundry every year. So we started asking, “What if every one of these loads did more than cleaned clothes?” What if every load could also do a load of good for people and the planet too?

Our Ambition

We have always created products that improve people’s lives now and for generations to come—in fact sustainability and social good have always been a part of our business strategy.

But today’s global challenges—from climate change, to plastic waste and water scarcity—mean that we all need to be doing more.

At Tide, we are reinventing clean with the goal to make laundry more sustainable at every step of the process – from how we design our products, to how we manufacture and ship them all the way to how consumers use them. To make this goal a reality, we are focused on:

1. Manufacturing

Across our supply chain, reduce our footprint by using less energy, water and materials in how we make and move our products.

2. Packaging

Introduce innovative solutions to decrease the climate impact of our packaging, while we minimize waste.

3. Cold washing

Invest in educational campaigns and partnerships to help consumers reduce the environmental impact of laundry at home.

4. Community

Expanding the Tide Loads of Hope program tenfold, providing clean clothes to thousands of people in times of need, particularly those impacted by natural disasters.

An image showing the steps Tide is taking toward sustainability from manufacturing to the Loads of Hope program
Reimagining the laundry of tomorrow starts with thinking end to end

Reimagining the laundry of tomorrow starts with thinking end-to-end

Tide’s values are to create products that improve people’s lives now and for generations to come. From how we design our products to how they are used, reused and recycled. We aim to make to make sustainable choices at home simple and easy.

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We need your help to make positive change

We need your help to make positive change

Understandably, people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about doing a load of laundry. When we asked Americans why they choose to wash in hot or cold water, they give a variety of answers – and the environment isn’t always near the top of the list. We say things like “I’ve always done it that way,” “it’s what my mom told me to do,” “it cleans better” or “the clothing label says to.” But did you know that up to 90 percent of the energy used in laundry comes from heating water? That means a switch to cold water washing creates a significant Green House Gas reduction. That’s why we’ve worked hard over the last two decades to develop a superior clean in energy-saving cold water. Today, we’re proud to say that Tide cleans better in cold than the bargain brand in warm*. *Tide Power PODS® in cold v. leading baking soda 2-in-1 pac in hot

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