Sustainable Manufacturing

Tide is committed to sustainable manufacturing. There are 3 key strategies that we follow in our approach to our manufacturing processes.

  • Ensuring our equipment is running in the most energy-efficient way, including identifying energy loss and finding solutions to restore our equipment to its most efficient condition.

  • Minimizing/eliminating waste from the manufacturing process.

  • Identifying renewable energy sources for optimizing our manufacturing processes.

A smiling woman in striped shirt, yellow visibility vest, and orange protection helmet

Manufacturing Efficiency

Ensuring environmental sustainability starts with our manufacturing plants. For example, our plant in Lima, Ohio has been certified as a Zero Manufacturing Waste to Landfill site. This means that all the materials received for manufacturing purposes either become part of finished products or are reused for another purpose. Nothing goes to waste. The Lima plant excels in its conservation efforts, with energy efficient lighting and steam reduction at the forefront.

In 2015, the Lima plant’s sustainability efforts recycled 1,185 tons of material. This effort has helped conserve enough oil to heat and cool approximately 2600 homes for 1 year and enough gasoline to drive more than 763,000 miles. We have saved enough water to meet the daily needs of 110,000 Americans and enough KW-hrs of energy to power 388 homes for a year. We think that's an impressive feat, considering that is just our recycling program!

Another terrific example is our plant in Alexandria, Louisiana, where, over the course of a year, the facility conserved more than 40 million gallons of water (enough to meet the daily, fresh-water needs of more than 500,000 Americans) and 24 million KW-hrs of electricity. That's enough to power 2000 homes for a year. Our daily efforts to conserve resources really do make a difference!

Manufacturing Power

We are proud of our partnership with EDF Renewable Energy (EDF RE) to create a project that brings new, renewable energy capacity on-line. Through this partnership, power generated from wind farms will be used in the efficient production of all North American, P&G-produced products across the Fabric & Home Care sectors. That means all Tide products are made with the benefits of wind-powered electricity!

A pictogram of two windmills