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Loads of Good

For nearly a century, Tide has continued to reimagine, innovate and evolve the laundry experience with people, community and our planet at the heart of everything we do. We believe every load of laundry presents a fresh start and the opportunity to do a load of good.


1. Climate

Working to achieve climate neutral manufacturing operations by 2030.

2. Packaging

100% of our consumer packaging will be designed to be recyclable or reusable by 2030.

3. Community

Expanding our Tide Loads of Hope program by 10X.

4. Consumer Use

Increase cold water loads to 3 in 4 by 2030 in North America.


Progress We’ve Made

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100% Renewable Electricity

We harness the power of nature, using renewable electricity powered by a wind farm in Tyler Bluff, TX. 

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90, 000+ People served

Our Tide Loads of Hope program provides free laundry service to people impacted by natural disaster.

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Designing for circularity and easy to recycle packaging

Most Tide products, including Tide POD tubs, are considered widely recyclable according to How2Recycle. See how2recycle.info for more details. We're also continuing to develop innovative solutions to decrease the climate impact of our packaging.

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Nearly 4 million tons of CO2 emissions avoided

We're convincing people to switch to cold water washing which can reduce energy use.

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