Tide Power PODS® with Downy Soft Boosters, Lasting Freshness with April Fresh Scent

Powerful clean and Downy® softness.

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Tide Power PODS® with Downy Soft Boosters, Lasting Freshness with April Fresh Scent

  • Tide with Downy Power PODS®, now with upgraded softness

  • Cleans and conditions in one step, helping to protect clothes from stretching and fading in wash

  • Works on 100% of common stains

  • Works in all machines and water conditions—even in cold


Bigger Tide PODS. Better clean. More Softness.

Get the Tide clean you trust with the softness you love from Downy®. New Tide Power PODS® with Downy Soft Boosters combine your favorite laundry detergent with your favorite softener to make every load feel as good as it looks. Plus, Tide PODS® Plus Downy have the signature Downy April Fresh® Scent so you can enjoy outstanding freshness with every wash. Tide Power PODS® are bigger than regular PODS: 1 Power POD equals 2 PODS for even more clean that tackles 100% of common stains—even in cold water. Toss in Tide Power PODS® with Downy before clothes to get the most out of your Tide Laundry Detergent. Experience the power of America’s #1 trusted detergent brand and the softness you love with Tide Power PODS® with Downy.

*Tide is consumers' #1 trusted laundry detergent brand in BrandSpark survey.


Always handle with dry hands.

How to use:

  • Place required number of Tide POWER PODS® into the washing machine drum.

  • Add clothes, and turn on any cycle, any temperature.

  • Close package after use.

How to dose:

  • 1 laundry pac for regular loads

  • 2 pacs for heavily soiled loads

The correct dosage of Tide POWER PODS® is 1 pac for medium loads and 2 pacs for large/X-large loads

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