Free & Gentle Collection

Tide Free and Gentle offers a powerful clean while being gentle on your clothes and your skin. It contains no perfume and is dye free, leaving you with a great clean that’s gentle on skin. Tide Free and Gentle laundry detergent removes residue from dirt and fights stains while being hypoallergenic and kind to even the most sensitive skin types.



No Dyes.      No Perfumes. Just Cleaner, Softer Clothes.*

Tide PODS Free and Gentle, Downy and Bounce

Great on Their Own Better Together

Keep Laundry Pacs Out of Reach of Children

Keep Tide PODS® and Other Detergent Products Out of Reach of Children.

Tide PODS Free and Gentle a better clean without dyes or perfumes

Tide Free & Gentle

A better clean that removes more residue from dirt, food and stains without dyes or perfumes.*

Ultra Downy Free & Gentle Liquid

Ultra Downy Free & Gentle Liquid

Leaves fabric wonedrfully soft with fewer wrinkles without dyes or perfumes.

Bounce Free and Gentle

Bounce Free & Gentle

Softens clothes and provide static protection without perfumes.