Product Detail

  • #1 instant stain remover*
  • Powerful solution breaks stains down; microfiber pad lifts and absorbs them
  • Portable, pen-like design – fits neatly into briefcases, purses, drawers, or car compartments
  • No mess, nothing to throw away, nothing to get on hands
  • Works well on tomato juice, ketchup, BBQ sauce, grape juice, coffee, wine, tea, chocolate syrup, and more
  • Doesn't contain bleach

* based on sales


How to Use Tide to Go:

  • Remove excess residue from stain.
  • Press tip onto stain to release desired amount of solution.
  • Rub tip gently across the stain to remove it.

When necessary, add more liquid, and continue rubbing gently.


Q: What is Tide to Go?
A: Tide to Go is a portable, stain removing pen from Tide that instantly removes many fresh food and drink stains.

Q: Does Tide to Go work on all stains?
A: No. Tide to Go is designed specifically for removing fresh food and drink stains. Stains that Tide to Go works best on include ketchup, BBQ sauce, grape juice, tomato juice, coffee, soda, chocolate syrup, tea, and wine. Tide to Go does not perform as well on non-food and drink stains, including ink, grease, blood, and grass stains.

Q: Are there any stains that Tide to Go cannot remove?
A: For tough, thick stains like BBQ sauce and chocolate, we recommend that consumers wipe off any stain excess before applying Tide to Go. Tide to Go does not perform as well on non-food and drink stains including ink, grease, blood, and grass stains. These types of stains need to be pretreated and laundered.

Q: Why is Tide to Go only for fresh food and drink stains?
A: Tide to Go was designed specifically for food and drink stains because our consumer research indicates that fresh food and drink stains account for 72% of stains that occur on the go. We are meeting a very specific consumer need with Tide to Go.

Q: Tide to Go didn't work well on my coffee stain - why not?
A: If used properly, Tide to Go stain pen performs very well on coffee stains. It is important to adhere to the instructions.
We also encourage consumers to reapply Tide to Go as necessary with certain stains. However, no product can promise to remove every stain under every condition, so we want to make sure consumers fully understand Tide to Go instructions and how to use it best.

Q: Is Tide to Go easy to take on the go?
A: Tide to Go stain remover pen was designed specifically for consumers on the go. It is easy to handle and small enough to fit into briefcases, purses, desk drawers, car glove compartments, etc.

Q: Is Tide to Go safe for all fabrics?
A: Tide to Go is safe for all colorfast washable and dry cleanable fabrics. If you’re unsure about the fabric, we suggest testing an inside seam for colorfastness. Wash the garment according to the care tag instructions.

Q: How long does the Tide to Go pen last?
A: With an advantage over single-use wipes, Tide to Go has multiple uses — approximately 10-20 applications.

Q: Does Tide to Go contain bleach?
A: Tide to Go does not include bleach and is safe to use on most fabrics.

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