Discover Tide PODS® Laundry Pacs and How They Work!

How Tide PODS® work

Tide PODS® pacs give you everything you need for a successful laundry process in one small, easy-to-handle pac. They can be your domestic savior to help give your laundry the attention it needs. 

Often sandwiched between other tasks, your laundry can be rushed and your results can suffer. So, how about a way to make the whole process easier to manage? Instead of worrying about dosing or spilling, just place a single pac into your washer drum before starting your wash. Tide PODS® pacs are also HE compatible!

Cleans More Than 900 Laundry Combinations

Your wash isn’t as simple as just throwing clothes into the washer and pressing the on button. In fact, there are more than 900 different laundry combinations when you consider all the possible types of stains, the contents of your laundry, machine efficiency, and more. 

With different washing machine load sizes, degree of staining, and water hardness, achieving truly clean clothes takes a bit more power. Using a detergent that is compatible in all machines, even those that require an HE detergent, means you can take your cleaning power to the next level.

Works with 3 Compartments

Tide PODS® pacs give you the cleaning power you need with 3 compartments containing ingredients that bring a unique cleaning power your wash - even when used in high-efficiency machines. 

The unique design of the pacs means the ingredients are kept separate, with the film dissolving quickly in water. This means the ingredients combine together in your wash to give you the excellent results you expect from Tide, while using less detergent than ever before!

Small, but Powerful

Tide PODS® are the most compact Tide detergent ever. With no more dosing concerns and less space taken up, these little pacs are the revolution your laundry needed, and they work well as an HE detergent, too.Offering a powerful package that combines brightening, gentle care and simplicity, Tide PODS® pacs are here to deliver all-around brilliant results to your laundry, every time. 

With Tide PODS® pacs, you can be sure to get the same great results for your laundry without the need to spend time accurately measuring out the right dose. Just put a pac into your washer, add your laundry, set the wash and hit go. Find out more about how to use Tide PODS® to achieve the best results. 

Like any household detergent – keep out of reach of children.