How to Wash Cotton Clothes

Here's how to take care of your cotton clothes when it comes to laundry day:

Tip 1


Pre-treat any stains with Tide Ultra Stain Release Liquid and cold water. Place the requiredamount of detergent (follow the dosage instructions on the pack) on the stains before you load the clothes in the washing machine.

A person pretreating a denim jacket with Tide liquid laundry detergent and water
Tip 2


Put your cotton fabrics in a small basin filled with cold water. After soaking the fabric for 15 to 30 minutes, gently rub the stain.

A person pouring Tide liquid detergent into a bowl of water
Tip 3

Wring out

Roll your shirts, pants or blouses in a large towel to remove the water or gently wring out the water from your clothes.

A person wringin out water from a white garment
Tip 4


Machine-wash white and light-colored cotton fabrics in warm or hot water. For white and light colored clothes always use the Tide Plus Bleach Powder. If you would like extra scent you can use Tide Plus A Touch of Downy Liquid variants. If you are concerned with bleeding, then choose Tide Plus Coldwater Clean Liquid to keep the color of your clothes bright.

A hand showing how to select the wash cycle and water temperature on your washing machine
Tip 5


Rinse your cotton fabrics on a cool cycle. To avoid shrinkage, wash with minimal agitation. With Tide, this isn't a problem, as all Tide products offer great results even on a cold setting. Shake garments after removal from the machine to minimize wrinkles. Use a hot iron to remove wrinkles from your cotton items.

Washing machine in operation

How to Wash Your 100% Cotton Blanket

  1. Open your blanket and place it in the washing machine. Use a large load size so the blanket can move freely in the water during the wash.

  2. Pour the required Tide laundry detergent (follow the dosage instructions on the pack) and use a cold water cycle, delicate wash setting.

  3. Remove the blanket as soon as the wash cycle finishing and either hang the blanket to dry, or place in the dryer with two dryer sheets on a tumble-dry setting.

Extra Tips for Cotton Garments

When it comes to bleach, avoid using more than the recommended amount with cotton, as it can damage the fibers of your favorites. If your garment has had a finish applied to it, then avoid using bleach altogether.

Because cotton items tend to wrinkle and shrink easily, they are usually combined with other fibers. Because of this mix, no cotton garment is created equal so check the fabric care instructions on the tags before washing.

Cotton is a durable, soft fiber, and most clothes today are made from it. Unfortunately, it does have one serious drawback: It tends to shrink when washed and dried.