Tide purclean™ Honey Lavender Liquid Laundry Detergent - 69 ounces, color cream

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Tide Eco-Box purclean Plant-Based Liquid Laundry Detergent

Tide Eco-Box purclean Plant-Based Liquid Laundry Detergent


Your great plant-based* Tide purclean liquid laundry detergent, but now in a smarter package.

Tide purclean Liquid

Tide purclean™ Honey Lavender Liquid Laundry Detergent


The first plant-based* detergent with the cleaning power of Tide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A:Tide purclean™ is the first plant-based detergent with the trusted cleaning power of Tide. In fact, Tide purclean™ cleans as well as Tide Original Liquid Laundry Detergent but has 75% bio-based ingredients, as certified by the USDA BioPreferred program. Tide purclean™ aims to raise the performance standard for plant-based detergents and in turn bring more consumers to the plant-based detergent category.

A:We believe the best way to help create a more sustainable future is to make the products that people use and love every day more environmentally friendly. Tide purclean™ is the next step in our journey in creating detergents that help consumers make sustainable choices. We are exploring using more bio-based ingredients not only because of the positive impacts an increased use of renewable materials will have on the environment and the sustainability of our long-term business, but also because more and more consumers are seeking out bio-based ingredients in their products. Importantly, we have created a formula that cleans as well as Tide Original Liquid Laundry detergent. After all, a more sustainable detergent can only have impact if people use it!

A:Tide purclean™ is certified bio-based by the USDA bio-preferred program. Bio-based products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials. Bio-based products provide an alternative to conventional petroleum-derived products and include a diverse range of offerings. Bio-based products also include bio-based intermediate or 'upstream' materials such as bioresins or biopolymers, or the biobased/renewable chemicals used to create commercial, industrial, or consumer goods. Bio-based products, from a BioPreferred Program perspective, do not include fuels, food, or animal feed. Biobased products also help us increase our use of renewable resources while decreasing our use of non-renewable resources, such as petroleum. Some detergents measure the amount of “naturally derived ingredients” in their formulas, which may include water. Some of these detergents have very high levels of water; as a result, it can appear that they contain a high percentage of natural ingredients. Tide purclean™ is the first bio-based detergent with the cleaning power of Tide.

A:Tide purclean™ is the first plant-based detergent with the cleaning power of Tide, containing 75% bio-based ingredients. The Tide purclean™ formulation includes plant-based surfactants and solvents. Both formulas are held to the highest standards of safety and efficacy, but Tide purclean™ offers an option for consumers seeking a simple step to integrate more sustainable choices into their daily routines while still meeting their cleaning expectations.

A:Yes! When we set out to develop Tide purclean™, our goal was to create a detergent we’d be proud to have in the Tide family.

A:This final formula has not been tested on animals and we do not test on animals unless required by law. P&G continues to develop non-animal alternative tests and work with regulators around the world to ultimately end research involving animals.

A:We have designed Tide purclean™ to deliver a clean on par with Tide Original. We continue to explore innovations that will someday enable us to replace non-bio-based ingredients with plant-based alternatives that provide the same, or better, cleaning power.

A:Yes. Our formulators have designed Tide purclean™ to clean even in cold water, helping you to do your part in energy conservation via cold-water washing. Heating wash water is the largest driver of energy consumption when running your washing machine. All the steps you take toward preserving the planet for future generations can add up to make a meaningful impact.

A:Tide purclean™ is P&G’s first and only plant-based detergent. Tide purclean™ offers consumers the opportunity to chose a plant-based, more renewable formula that also cleans as well as regular Tide in energy-saving normal/cold water. Tide purclean™ is free of dyes.

A:The Tide purclean™ formula is the same concentration as Tide Original and should be dosed according to the package instructions (same dosing recommendations as Tide Original Liquid Laundry Detergent).

A:Our team of scientists and formulators set out to create a detergent that maximizes bio-based ingredients and provides Tide levels of cleaning power. We believe single unit dose pacs are the future of laundry, but we also have learned that it takes time for people to adapt to new forms. We chose to innovate in the liquid detergent form because we didn’t want the form change to be a barrier to consumers’ trial of the product.

A:Yes, it provides outstanding cleaning performance in all types of machines. (Note: If you are accustomed to our Tide HE Turbo formulas, you may notice more sudsing with this formula but it should not interfere with the performance of the detergent).

A:This formula works in HE machines but does not have the Smart Suds™ superior suds suppressor technology that is available in our HE Turbo products.

A:Tide purclean™ is a premium offering to current non plant-based detergents. The move to bio-based ingredients costs more compared to traditional ingredients, therefore the price reflects the cost of materials. Based on our suggested retail pricing, we expect to be competitively priced. All pricing decisions are at the sole discretion of the retailer.

A:We believe the best way to help create a more sustainable future is to make the products that people use and love every day more environmentally friendly. Tide purclean™ offers an innovative breakthrough that brings to the laundry category a plant-based detergent that will enable consumers to take a step toward helping the environment AND that is designed to meet performance expectations. We see this move toward more renewable energy sources and bio-based ingredients as an opportunity to use the reach of the Tide brand to expand the use of plant-based products to a larger group of consumers while resetting performance expectations in this segment. We have not yet found a 100% plant-based alternative that continues to deliver the cleaning performance our consumers expect. We are committed to exploring the use of more renewable energy sources in production, and more bio-based ingredients in our formulas, as technological advances, scale, and price permit.

A:Tide purclean™ is a 75% bio-based detergent, certified by the USDA BioPreferred program. Tide purclean™ is not certified USDA Organic. Currently there are no industry standards for what qualifies as a “plant-based detergent,” so we’ve decided to be transparent with our level of bio-based, renewable ingredients by gaining the USDA BioPreferred certification.

A:Biodegradable ingredients and water make up 95% of the Tide purclean™ formula. We aim to increase the biodegradable profile of Tide purclean™ with new formulations as biodegradable ingredients are proven effective so that one day the active ingredients can be 100% biodegradable. The remaining 5% non-biodegradable ingredients include: • Polymers: These prevent soil redeposition and are key to ensuring a Tide clean. • Chelants: These bind up metals and minerals in the wash water to ensure a Tide clean. • Perfumes: These provide a pleasant scent through the wash, a benefit many consumers seek.

A:Our laundry products have been thoroughly evaluated and are safe to use in homes with septic tanks. Using normal, recommended amounts of these products will not disturb the septic system (including aerated systems) or damage plumbing systems with a properly functioning septic tank.

Tide Eco-Box purclean Plant-Based Liquid Laundry Detergent - 105 ounces, color green